Tuesday, March 23, 2010

thoughts for today!!!!

in this Blog will talk about the journey that is life. I wanna share our lives with you, and what this roller coaster is like.
Who I am?
I am a mom of four. I call them my angels. I love them to pieces. they are what causes many noisy hectic days and a equal amount of sleepless nights. but I wouldn't trade it ever.
I am type of person who always wanted things to be different, Truth is I wanna be different.
Recently I have become a person who feel like they have a lot to prove, because well I do.
I have changed and grown in just last few months alone. I am not the person I once was. I want the world to see it.
You see, I am some what of a social butterfly. I move always, I mean even if I am sitting down, I have a foot or finger something moving. and without other people to interact with I'm not me.
I've been told that I could talk to anyone and everyone, and that I can relate to most people. and i guess I can. I love to surrounded with people especially if it someone who I can help feel better.
But there are people who see this as a bad thing. They worry that being so depended on people is a bad thing that can hinder you.
You see although I can get along with anyone, and everyone. I only have a couple of close friends that know the real me. I guess I am not the type of person who where her heart on her sleeve, and who accepts help easily. I used to, but i have gotten alot tougher. I have been hurt alot in the past, i mean alot. but i am not the person i once was. I keep my emotions in check, and have learned how to keep everything hidden. I guess I hold people at an arms length and if anyone breaks thought these walls I tend to have up, I push them away.
but this will be away to help everyone see a different side of me.

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