Monday, March 29, 2010

day to day

Sorry I haven't written everyday like i promised. but, life has been crazy.

See last tuesday matty fell and broke his leg. And trying to control and 2 year with a broken limb as been crazy. he'll get the cast off in 6 weeks. but i have to admit, he has learnt nothing from the injury, this has just made him worst then ever. he is a great kids though.

Then i have school, and coming in to exam time if crazy. the next 3 weeks of my life will be shear pain. 9 classes left and an exam in everyone. Crazy!!

Then yesterday was a blessed day! We have a Baby shower for an amazing friend. It was so nice to get to a chance to shower her with gifts, and the food was will amazing.

But i promise to get back to doing this everday, and to start, doing it as i enjoy my daily coffee.. Yummy!!!!

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