Saturday, April 17, 2010

a bad day

Okay, so I know that page is life fullness and grace, but today I am going to complain but whay a crappy day this been. Since I have nada voice, I mean no voice, I can't really complain to anyone else, cause they won't hear me.
Well, I start I lost my voice yesterday. After fighting misgrains all week, yeater started with the a chest infection. Great! Now I can bot speak even to my kids. Yeah they love it, but I can't disciplain them, and it making me crazy....

Then as I got up out of bed, my husband decides this is the day to do errans, so I got ready, got kids dressed, and then hubby announces he has to shower and do a million other thing before we leave. And it take forever (not really, just feels like it) cause I now have 4 screaming kids ready, and father who not.

Then we decide to go for a cheap breakfast, money has been really really tight!! I mean we have had to cut back a lot. And there are months with I don't know how we get though. But this this time of always seem though with so many birthday and etc. We always pinced. Any way, breakfast at the resturant that used to be cheap isn't, it was 60+. And that was for no so great food.
Then I have to pick up a birthday gift for the best sister in law in the world (no joking, she is) and I the people at walmart are stupid. Like it should have been in and out in like 2 min, instead it took almost an hour. Crazy!!!
Then, one the way home hubby and I decide to talk about me going back to work. That's great since I have no voice. I have heard of some opporunities from a friend in burlington. And there a big part of me that want to go and do it. But, what if I can't? It would mean us moving there, and then we have to come up with the money for the move. And with thing being so darn tight, I have no idea how that going to happen. I mean I know. With me working and us having 2 incomes it will be great, but it's the whole saving issue, I don't see me being so good at. To be honest I have nothing to do with our finances, I ask hubby before I spend anything. And have no idea what bills we pay, or don't that's all up to him.

I guess today has just been so crappy cause, finances are so darn tight, and I wanna move out this darn city to somewhere people actually have respect for on another. And I want this stupid cold to go away. And the sun to come out.

I guess I am just one unhappy camper!!! And it sucks!!!

Thanks for listening!!!

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  1. Ah Joni, I know times can be tough when the kids are so little and demanding - and they out-number you! I've been there, believe me, hang in there and lean on eachother. Times will get better and you'll look back on these years fondly but glad you're past them! Keep up with your schooling, its a great field to be working in and pays well. Trust me - its what I do!! xoxo