Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New Friend

Hello World,

I recently have made a new friend and I want to write about her becuase it just proves that it doesn't matter the age difference, or anyother circumstnace, you can be friends, and laugh more then you ever have

I started back to school in Janruary. and i was so afraid, because I haven't done the whole school thing in like .... Well years. and i was being ver ambititious. i was going to get my medical office assistiant certificate. I think i only did it becuase well, i wanted to learn, and didn't care at first what it was. but now, I am almost done the first semester nad just signed up for the next. and looking forward to it very much. I love people, I love supporting people, and being there for them.

I remember the first night of class walking and see this not to tall lady standing ther and introduced her self as our medicial Terminology teacher. She started talking and wrote a term on the board that we know kow but at the time ws like okay i should just walk away now, becuase I never gonna get this, the ward we 27 letter long and crazy. but, as everyone in the class got to know eachother we got to discover that we were all much alike non of us, was any more or less in world of medical terminology. and we would all be okay, and make our way though this course.
the friendship that made the most difference was with the professor of the course, she is a lady who always comes in with a smile. and will go the extra mile to help you. She will not allow the words can't to comeout of the mouth. and she isn't one for negitivity. She rather someone who mkaes you laugh when you want to cry and someone who makes you feel like you can do anything. I remember walking in to class one night after a really bad day, and I was thinking i probably should nt have come. and She knew something was wrong, and by the time i left to go home, i ws in tears by laughing so much. Now, she has had her fair share of trials, but she has come out on the other side amiling. i think everyone in class looks up to her.

She has become a great friend to judst sit and have a coffee with and to just open up to, becuase you know she isn't judging.

I know it may seem weird that with our age difference, and background, and well, we are different in everyway, but you could say that we are kindred spirits, and we have fun.

We are actually meeting for coffee soon and i am sure it will be a nice change for both of us, since we then have to go from galpals to student teacher!! but after class the fun continues!!

so off to a coffee am I, and to laugh like nothing else. (we act goffy) and then to do part A of a final, and to do well cause i will have laughed all the stress away!!


(update you on the exam tomorrow)

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